Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and House

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned house-hunting veteran, certain telltale signs indicate that now is the time to purchase a new home. If any of the following apply to you and your family’s situation, contact Randy Ginn to find the perfect new home in Bellevue.

1.  Renting Won’t Cut It
While renting is certainly a sound option for college students and people looking to get their feet wet in the job market, there often comes a point when renting becomes dissatisfactory. Buying a new home can transform your life. Instead of answering to a landlord, you’ll be able to enjoy being a homeowner.

2.  You’re Adding to the Family
Young couples that are planning on having children often don’t have enough space to accommodate any additions in an apartment or starter home. Whether it’s your first, second, or even third child, any time there’s a new addition to the family, you’ll need to find extra space. Finding the perfect new home means finding one that has enough rooms and space to fit your family’s changing needs.

3.  Work or School is Too Far
While you may have previously felt fine about commuting a long way to work, this can quickly become tiresome. You may have a new addition to your family who requires you to be home for more hours, or you may simply want to save on gas. If you’re looking to make your life more convenient, purchasing a new home that is closer to important amenities and to your workplace may be the perfect solution.

4.  Now is the Perfect Time
There are many great deals to be had in the real estate market right now. If you have been wishing for the benefits that come with a new home, be sure to contact a real estate agent to learn about properties currently available that fit your needs and budget.

With the real estate opportunities currently available, right now may be the best time for you to buy a new home. If you’re looking for the perfect place to call home in Bellevue, contact Randy Ginn today by calling(425) 417-3515.